The spirit of the Oddities Observed Podcast was born on an icy winter night back in 2004. Starting first with a group of college friends, we evolved into our own small webpage, with each of us studying up on various supernatural topics. We built up a small repository of bizarre stories and factual accounts of unusual occurrences. We hunted ghosts in various places in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. After two years, the founding group went their separate ways. Over time, our old repository was lost.


The lone torchbearer in the dark, I have begun Oddities Observed again. Only this time, I am bringing the format into the current age. Along with my FoundryCast website co-creator, Zach, as well as some other paranormal and conspiracy theory fanatics, we will break down the unknowable and query the unquestionable. Who knows exactly what we'll discover together, with an open mind and a skeptical eye, as we pursue these Oddities Observed.