Quick Shot: Doom

Last night I did my first ever Twitch live stream, and since January is Battle Month here at The Foundry, I decided to play a game all about battling the daemonic forces of hell, Doom! And no, not the recently released Doom game; I mean the landmark 1993 release (well technically I was playing The Ultimate Doom, an expanded re-release that came out in 1995). Thought I'd jot down a couple of quick thoughts about the game:

--Holy crap, is it good. I typically play through Doom and Doom 2 once a year, but at this point it's been a couple of years since I actually played it. And every time I come back, I get to remember just how good it is. The combat is fast and extremely satisfying; it scratches an itch better than just about any other shooter in history. A rare example of genuinely perfect gameplay.

--It was controversial when it came out...yeah, of course there is the violence. But it's also chock full of demonic and satanic imagery, like pentagrams and human sacrifices. But remember that all of that is presented as being bad in the game. You are glorifying evil, you are actively fighting against it. I mean, honestly, if you can't melt a demon's face with a plasma gun, who's face can you melt?

--It, in essence, founded a genre, a genre that was in fact for a long time named after it: the Doom Clone. These days we call them First Person Shooters, but basically until the release of HalfLife, they were all just called Doom Clones. And that's not exactly fair, since there were certainly first person shooters released before Doom (including id Software's own excellent Return to Castle Wolfenstein series)

There's lots more I could say about the game, and if you want to hear it, watch the replay of my live stream on my YouTube channel and catch more of my streams on my Twitch Channel!