What's in a name?

You may have noticed some changes here at The Foundry...or should I say, The FoundryCast! We have officially 'changed' our name--actually, we have decided to merge everything under the FoundryCast name. Adding four letters on the end is a small change, of course, but we're still excited about it.

If you give a listen to our Xtra podcast released yesterday, you'll get the full behind the scenes story on the change, but I thought I'd just touch on it here with a couple of quick musings. Personally, I'm viewing this change as the marker that we have shifted from first gear into second gear. We still have a long, long way to go to be where our shoot for the moon hopes would put us. But after working for more than half a year towards this project, things feel like they are starting to pick up.

Part of the impetus for this change was one of simple professionalism: we've struggled with a pretty unwieldy web address for far too long. So the time has come to switch to one that sounds legitimate and feels better to promote. We would have liked to have thefoundry.com, of course, but it was taken long before we even came up with the original name (and the foundry name alone was also taken on pretty much all social media as well). So we decided to adopt the 'cast' portion and rebrand everything fully under the long name.

But more than just a web address, I feel like this marks a turning point towards the next stage of growth. The bigger goal with this, in my mind, is streamlining. Up until now we have been spread extremely thin, across platforms and with different accounts. But we are finding what works, and we can focus in on those things and ensure that our content all gets funneled together in meaningful and user-friendly ways.

So yeah, let's hope that these small changes bring big ones soon! And if you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat with me or Cyrus, please reach out to us by emailing here or contacting us on twitter and facebook!

Happy Crafting!