The FoundryCast - Episode 15 - Multiculturalism & Missed Fandoms

Our biggest episode yet! This one is a doozie at a touch over 2 hours, but Zach and Cyrus get deep into some serious discussions about what it means to be a nerd, multiculturalism in role playing games, fandoms we missed out on, and lots more! Please be aware that this episode does contain discussions on some fairly serious social and cultural topics; we strive to be as open-minded, understanding, and accepting as possible, but any time serious issues are brought up, there is a chance of offense being taken. Please be certain that none is intended, and that we welcome any and all comments, suggestions, and feedback!

Oh, and good news, there's some fart jokes in there too! So join us, won't you, for The FoundryCast Episode 15.

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