Waylaid by the Kink: Cyrus’ Con Prep Day 2

With the narrow window of time that I have given myself, I have had to renegotiate my timing and make fast decisions. I decided that I wasn’t going to go big, but just experiment and see if what I make can pass muster. As I wrote yesterday, I know I have huge hurdles ahead, but if I just slap things together, I often surprise myself at the results. I am looking at doing either a shoulder pieces, a full arm piece, a helmet, or some combination of all of the above.

I did some brief research on my lunch break and rediscovered a website that offers patterns for foam armor. My gameplan is to use the patterns as a base and either just make what they tell me to, or to use the designs as further inspiration and just keep going! I saw a few templates that were free, but the one I wanted most cost me $5. Not a bad deal for what I received. My work computers were not being helpful with the print job and so I had to face the music and give a few dollars to the vile beast that is Kinko’s.

Unfortunately, my soap box is in the shop for some minor engine repairs, so I will save the bigger rant for another day, but I will just say that I am no fan of Kinko’s. Their prices are outrageous, and they know that a majority of their clientele do not know of any other options and that they are commonly pressed for time. I don't want to give Kinko's a single penny, but like so many others, what else was I to do? Thus, I swallowed my pride and went inside the shop with a detailed strategy already assembled. My plan of attack was as follows:

  1. Get the debit-style card loaded with $5.

  2. Jump on my email in 30 seconds.

  3. Open all 4 pdfs at the same time.

  4. Send them to the printer. Estimated price - $2 - $2.35.

  5. Be off the computer within 1 minute 30 seconds.

  6. Grab papers off of the nearest printer and be back out the door within 4 minutes.

It was a sound strategy based on my speed and efficiency. However, I was kept much longer that I ever expected and paid so much more than necessary that I am still feeling Kink-shock. I didn’t account for how terrible their computers are and how ridiculously expensive their print costs have become for. It was really quite surreal.

By the time I got the computer to recognize that it had a job to do, get a simple email pulled up, and then get the machine to open a pdf, I had spent about 5 minutes, and $2! THEN, the print job for 7 pages was around $4. I didn't have enough money to complete this simple task? Fortunately I had a few loose bills in my wallet and so I had to unplug my card, run back to the money laundering machine, load and additional $3, and then rush back to my station. I was able to get one job printed off, but by that time I only had about $1 remaining and so I just decided to scrap the other designs for now.

What a complete and total rip off. I remember getting a single sided print in black and white for about 10-20 cents. The computer time is such a gouge that I cannot believe that some savvy individual hasn’t found a way to sue the pants off of them! It’s a real scam and it is predatory against those private businesses or low level office lackeys who have to depend on this business for crucial print jobs and commercial paper needs. I can tell why FedEx bought Kinko’s in the first place but the acquisition hasn’t helped matters one bit.

So I retire to my craft cave, much later than anticipated, to try a few things out with the foam that I have bought. I’ll grab a Sharpie, some trusty blades, my cutting board, and away I go. Let’s see what I can mangle together tonight so that I have something semi-substantial to work with tomorrow.

I’ll keep crafting if you’ll keep coming back for more!