Getting "back to basics"

Like Cyrus has already done, I thought I would put together a quick blog about my thoughts on our theme of "getting back to basics".

We started the FoundryCast as a project because we were both inspired to create, and we certainly have worked hard to make all kinds of things in the past year and a half or so. At the start of 2017 we decided to work on expanding what we did, finding new projects to work on. And to a certain extent, that has been successful.

But, while I can say that I would never release anything I'm not proud of, some projects have been more successful than others. And I don't think that has been because we have done a bad job or because we had a bad idea; I think we have scattered ourselves too much.

Neither Cyrus nor myself ever has trouble finding inspiration for new projects, thats for sure. The challenge this year has been finding consistency and preventing a dilution of our brand. There have certainly been outside influenced slowing things down; work and life changes love to get in the way, and hey, my screen name is 9 to 5 Gamer because I work so much, not because I play games that much!

I see getting back to basics month as the kickoff of phase 3 for our projects. Phase 1 was the early days, and getting used to regular content production, setting up infrastructure, etc. Phase 2 was one of expansion and experimentation, throwing a handful of ideas at the wall to see what stuck. Phase 3 is all about refining ideas and increasing production efficiency, along with increasing our community outreach.

So how do I get back to basics and kick things off? Well from a philosophical level, its about finding the core of what drives me as both a fan and a creator. This is a topic I have discussed on the podcast the past few years, due to a variety of factors, I have found it harder and harder to get excited about my usual hobbies. Sometimes I even feel like they leave me behind (for example the Star Wars and Star Trek franchies, whose quality has dipped enough to put a major damper on my enthusiasm)

So by getting back to basics, I want to challenge myself to get involved in my hobbies again, and to find the old joy and enthusiasm that pushed me to stay up all night playing Alpha Centauri, to wait in line for hours to see a midnight release of Star Wars, or spend hour upon hour meticulously detailing a model diorama.

I also want to find the sweet spot in terms of production efficiency, so that I can produce consistent quality content on a weekly basis for us. Some of that involves improving skills and equipment, but for the most part its about funding projects that yield lots of content for the amount of time invested. I love doing long form experimental videos, but some lets plays and lets craft videos are also fun and a neck of a lot easier to get uploaded.

So my goal is to focus in on what works, both for me personally as well as from a production standpoint. I want to play some video games again, and get my hands dirty painting and gluing, and do it all consistently and without danger of burn out.

So here we go! Lets dig down to the fundamentals and get nerdy! Look for lots more from me, Cyrus, and The FoundryCast very soon!