Oddities Observed arrives!

Starting this week, Oddities Observed has come to The FoundryCast! Originally a standalone series on Facebook, the strange and the usual have found a home among the creative and the crafty. But how did it all come about?

The spirit of the Oddities Observed Podcast was born on an icy winter night back in 2004.

We began as a group of college friends, who sat around sharing personal stories and researching our favorite strange tales. From this, we worked together and created a small web-page, with each of us studying up on various supernatural topics. We built up a small repository of bizarre stories and factual accounts of unusual occurrences. We even hunted ghosts in various places in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. After two years, the founding group went their separate ways. Over time, our old repository was lost as technology changed and old websites died.

I, Cyrus, the lone torchbearer in the dark, have began Oddities Observed again. This time, I am bringing the format into the current age. With my FoundryCast website co-creator, Zach, as well as some other paranormal and conspiracy theory fanatics, we will break down the unknowable and query the unquestionable.

Now, Oddities Observed has come to The FoundryCast as a special feature. There are already a few months of Oddities Articles, that will slowly make their way to the website as well. Each week, between 1 and 2 articles are posted, but readers on The FoundryCast website will have access to it one day early! So if the Facebook page gets it on Monday, F-Cast gets it on Sunday. There are other podcasts and videos in the works, all of which will come directly here before anywhere else!

Who knows exactly what we'll discover together, with an open mind and a skeptical eye, as we pursue these Oddities Observed.