Parapsychology - Part 2

Precognition – knowledge of an event that has not yet occurred, or information that appears to be transferred from the future into the present; foreknowledge of an event, especially foreknowledge of a paranormal kind. Also called prescience, future vision, future sight, precognition is often confused with the terms premonition or prophecy, which only relate to a feeling or sensing that something will happen in the future.

Precognitive events usually appear to individuals as a flash or spontaneous vision – when, in an awakened state, a person receives a short mental scenario. There is a long tradition of anecdotal evidence for foreseeing the future in dreams and by various devices such as observing the flight of birds or examining the entrails of sacrificial animals.

Although claims of precognition have been prevalent across human history, it is no surprise that these assertions have been met with strong skepticism. Precognition, the ability to obtain information about a future event BEFORE the event actually occurs, conflicts with the fundamental subjective experience of time asymmetrically flowing from past to future.

Psychokinesis – the psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction; the mind interacting with matter at a distance. Mind interactions with living systems (including energetic healing) are sometimes included in this category.

Psychokinesis also means re-shaping of objects using the mind's energies, such as bending a spoon, or key, by just holding it and focusing. The term PK has been given to the apparent ability of human operators to use conscious intention so as to influence physical systems at the macro-scale (which are detected by the eye) or micro-scale (which are detected with the advanced equipment and the effects apparent only with deeper statistical analysis).

Macro Pѕусhоkіnеѕіѕ is a ѕkіll that influences physical rеаlіtу іn vіѕіblе way. It’s аll аbоut mоvіng objects, or controlling ѕmоkе or fire ѕо еvеrуоnе саn ѕее іt with nаkеd eуе. Micro Psychokinesis deals with influencing random events – for еxаmрlе, outcome оf a dісе roll оr playing саrd shuffle. Thаt’ѕ something you саn’t ѕее with уоur еуеѕ, but саn be discovered with рrореr math.

There are many types and applications of Psychokinesis, but the most widely used application is “Telekinesis“ also abbreviated as “TK”. Telekinesis comes under Macro-Psychokinesis. According to “The Oxford Dictionary of Psychology”, Psychokinesis is defined as “movement or change of objects by mental process”, whereas Telekinesis is described just as a “movement”.

Some people even link psychokinesis to the spiritual world, suggesting for example that some reports of ghosts — such as poltergeists — are not manifestations of the undead at all, but instead the unconscious releases of a person's psychic anger or angst.

Survival Studies – the nature of human consciousness and an examination of whether consciousness survives outside of the physical form; also known as postmortem survival.

People have believed or disbelieved in human survival of bodily death for various reasons, philosophical, theological, religious, emotional, moral, intuitive or factual. While most religions and cultures hold for the existence of a soul or spirit, philosophers have had a variety of views on the matter and some of those views deny the existence of the non physical entity altogether.

Because of the breadth of this work there is no single volume that can account for all of the evidence of survival. The study of survival includes studies of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs), Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs), mediums, reincarnation, apparitions and hauntings.