The Déjà Experience - Part 2

The Tuning Fork Phenomenon

The Tuning Fork Phenomenon is a theory where the frequencies of a person’s mind may temporarily match the frequencies of the minds of other living people, other people in other universes, or even people in the afterlife, causing a déjà vu effect.

The theory contends that every living and non-living object emits frequencies that contribute to the aura surrounding it. In the case of humans, frequencies are emitted from all the comprising bodies, i.e. the physical, mental, intellectual, etc. Usually, these frequencies are uniquely tuned for each person. But occasionally, two or more frequencies can ‘sync up,’ resulting in déjà vu as the experiences and emotions of multiple people become momentarily entangled.

It is proposed that we are feeling the emotions of others who live at the same frequency. These people are not our soul mates in any way; it is just that in that particular experience their frequencies of mind have matched each other. The person then has a notion that they are witnessing or experiencing a new situation that had occurred previously, when in actuality it is someone else’s experiences, possibly even in a parallel universe in conjunction with our own.

The emission and reception of these frequencies may become even more pronounced when a person is meditating, in a trance like state, when they are sleep deprived, or in other altered states of consciousness. According to the Spiritual Research Foundation, it is believed that at least 50% of déjà vu instances are caused by the Tuning Fork Phenomenon.

The Soul Plan

The Soul Plan is a theory or a belief that our soul/spirit gets to decide our life path before we are born and arrive on Earth; deciding what you want to learn, what you need to experience, and which other souls you want to meet along the way. Thus, all you have seen from a peripheral view comes back to you in life in bouts and flashes. These are spiritual memories of your soul’s plan which occur to us as feelings and perceptions as if you have been somewhere before or have experienced something before, or déjà vu.

According to this theory, your subconscious is relaying messages to your conscious mind in the form of these already seen moments or memories. They are snapshots of what you've come back to learn and experience, even though you may not know why. If they are not understood as part of the Soul Plan, it is easy to dismiss them as purely coincidental in nature. But in doing so, the person may miss their spiritual significance.

In the Soul Plan, all the significant relationships and events are predetermined lessons on the path of our spiritual evolution, especially the most challenging and painful ones. For many, this serves as a reminder that something was predestined to happen, and everything is on the right track in their lives.

The soul planned this repeat moment just for the person and it is wanting them to decode the message. This could provide validation of new life directions, provide comfort in difficult times, or alert the person experiencing déjà vu to be open to what is happening at that time.

The Glitch Theory

The Glitch Theory posits that what we are experiencing as reality is some form of simulation and it describes déjà vu as less of a personal experience, but instead as a momentary breakdown in this reality.

As it was suggested by Albert Einstein that that time is a human creation made to establish order and structure, then what we believe to be the past, present, and future could all be occurring simultaneously. When a déjà vu glitch happens, we are inadvertently slipping into a greater level of consciousness, where it is possible live more than one experience at the same time. This theory has wider implications, too.

If déjà vu is an actual glitch in reality, then these incidents may cause temporary damage to the foundations of our reality, opening a bridge between different simulated realities. Some people hypothesize this déjà vu glitch could also explain other phenomena, such as UFO sightings. While some experts find this theory ridiculous, the concept has found new energy, piggy-backing off of another simulated reality theory that is based in String Theory: the Holographic Universe.

Holographic Universe theory, first suggested in the 1990’s, describes that all the information which makes up our three-dimensional reality (also including time) is contained in a two-dimensional surface on its boundaries. It states that the description of a volume of space can be thought of as encoded on a lower-dimensional boundary to the region—preferably a light-like boundary such as a gravitational horizon.

While the two theories are not thus far not directly correlated, by studying how space and time emerged from the early universe, some theorists believe we may develop new ways in which we interpret the coding of the reality of what we experience.