Oddities Origins - JKCinema's Urban Legends

If you have read the blurb here on the website, or have heard the long introduction in one of the podcasts, you might already know the origins of Oddities Observed, and how it began back in 2004. However, one of the websites that helped fuel our imaginations and bring out our investigative side was JKCinema, and their Urban Legends series. The website featured interactive rants, flash games, and movies. One of their most popular features were a series of short videos about ghosts, spirit communications, UFO's, and many urban legends. While the validity of some of their stories could be questionable at best, there was a certain element about these videos, particularly the first three episodes, that had a really creepy quality about them.

These videos came out in the heyday of ebaum's world, YTMND, and Newgrounds, where small flash games and videos ruled the internet. Today, much like NES games, some of this content doesn't feel outdated, but more vintage. These videos in the Urban Legends series have the same effect, even today. The video is grainy, the audio is scratchy and flat, and when there is voice-work it is either digitized to mask the users voice... or they are using a type-to-talk program which has its own unnatural feel. As a result, the vibe of these videos is still remarkably unnerving and perfect for Halloween.

JKCinema was created in 1997 and lasted throughout the 2000's, even hosting a radio show/webcast in 2006 and 2007, but sadly came to a close somewhere in 2014/2015. JKCinema.net is a re-host of the old website, although most of the videos are either unavailable now, or may not run on modern computers. However, there was a bit of a revival in this newer YouTube era as several savvy spook-chasers have re-uploaded JKCinema's videos for all of us to enjoy once again. So turn out the lights, throw a heavy blanket over your shoulders and prepare for a eerily good time as we present to you a few of the best episodes of Urban Legends!

Urban Legends: Fact or Fiction?

Urban Legends 2: The Dead

Urban Legends Series: Ghosts

Urban Legends Series: Origins