5 Nerdy Christmas Gift Ideas

The Christmas shopping season is upon us and has almost passed us by. It is a flurry of retail extravaganzas, commercial blitzkriegs, and marketing ambushes. Hopefully you have been able to find some special gifts for the Nerdy folk in your life, but if you haven’t done so already, there is still time! We have a list of five great last minute gift ideas for your special someone, guaranteed to satiate their Nerdy side and delight them on Christmas morning.

Star Wars Stuff – You may be feeding the three-headed beast that is Capitalism, Big Box Sores, and Disney, but Star Wars merchandise is always fun. Unless your loved one is a die-hard Trekkie, pretty much all Nerds, Dorks, Dweebs, Geeks, and Goofballs will enjoy swag stamped with the Star Wars logo. We aren’t just talking toys here; there are beanies, scarves, backpacks, high-style jackets, thermoses, and of course all manner of toys.

Less is definitely more in this instance, and you should not be wasting your money on a whole shopping cart of plastic novelty trinkets. Get a few small items, or something that looks more movie accurate if you really want to see their eyes light up. Because, there is something about getting a Star Wars action figure, or plushie, or whatever! It makes you feel like a kid again and reminds you that even as an adult, sometimes you need to use the Force.

Tech Stocking Stuffers – We all love a little bit of candy around the holidays and to find some sweets in our stocking is a welcome discovery. But, why don’t you take it up a notch and instead of only throwing in Hershey Kisses and Reese’s Cup minis, you can throw in some techy toys or small electronics. Look around on the endcap displays in the stores or in the bins near the registers. Here you may find some smaller items that are big on effect but small on price. They are usually just there to support impulse purchasing, but you are intentionally looking for these as an exciting alternative for stock stuffers.

The idea is to combine cool tech with usefulness. You could look at buying portable Bluetooth speakers, a new pair of earbuds, light-up charging cables, a wearable LED flashlight, a cool protector for a phone or tablet, etc. It wouldn't also hurt to plan ahead and get a few packs of size appropriate batteries. If in doubt, make sure to get a pack of AA and AAA batteries. When these tech gadgets are gifted properly, they will often be getting used within a few minutes of even being opened, and you can actually get to watch your favorite Nerd enjoying your thoughtful gift.

Discount Video Games – If you are lucky enough to have a holiday break, from either work or school, then this is an excellent season to get in some good gaming hours! Winter is the best time to settle in and get cozy with a new video game and many console manufacturers know this quite well. They know it is Christmas and that they want you to spend as much money as possible. However, you will want to save your hard-earned dollars and bypass the gaming stores completely this season when the best bang-for-your-buck will be in downloadable games.

Each console in the current generation now has an online store, and they know you are looking for some affordable options. If your Nerd is not particularly pining for a certain game or franchise, the consider getting a gift card for their particular brand’s game hub. From there, you can find loads of options from smaller titles that are less expensive, and there are loads of discounted games that are set at bargain prices for exactly this reason. When a brand-new title will run you $60-$70, you can find a slew of fun games to last the entire wintry season for a fraction of the price!

New Dice – Hand-made and boutique dice are always the very best choice, but if you are not familiar with the marketplace or where to even find dice like that, it is quite alright to ask for help. But if you still aren’t sure how to find something that is super niche or unique, full-run dice can be just as fun and appreciated! Look through the common retail outlets for dice and try to find something that looks really special to you. If you find a set that reminds you of your special someone, then go with that gut instinct.

But beware of the price! Some sets in limited production lines are bought and resold on secondary markets for triple and quadruple the price! Have a price in your mind and do not be willing to concede. An average set of 7 polyhedral dice will run you from $8 - $15, with some sets ranging upwards of $20. Larger sets can get up to $30 and when you start looking at dice that are made of metal, then you could pay out $50 or more. A $15 set of dice, with cool colors that you picked up for them will always be a great addition to any Nerds collection.

Anything Handmade – This gift both transcends Nerdom, and is also completely embraced by it. Anything that you have handmade will be one of the most appreciated and fun gifts you could ever hope to give. Something about nerdy people, if you haven’t learned already, they truly appreciate knowing when someone is thinking of them and is doing something special for them. To imagine that you spent your time working and building, or crafting and knitting, all with them in mind…. It will bring a warmth to their heart.

It does not matter your craft of choice, or even if you are a naturally crafty person. Find something you want to make and just do it! Baked goods, candies, knitted wear, wooden sculptures, painted murals, leather-bound notebooks, friendship bracelets, or decoupaged ANYTHING! This is a special kind of love language that not many people get to share and connecting with your Nerd over the hand-crafted magic wand you made for them will be a beloved keepsake and wonderful conversation piece for many years to come.

Merry Christmas !!!