2019 Year In Review

Greetings fellow Observers! 2019 has been a year of growth and discovery, challenge and change. We have learned a few things that work better for us and we have also tried to investigate new areas of all things creepy and weird. We have grown from about 100 followers to 282, but we are hoping to breech that 300-follower mark in the next couple of months. What follows is a brief account of various milestones within O.O, and some of the changes we have made to better serve our audience:

Oddities Observed celebrated its official 2-year anniversary back in October! In celebration, we brought back some of our most popular entries from the past. We even shared a pair of articles that help to further flesh out some of the life events and websites that formed our fascination for the bizarre and the supernatural. This was a really fun process of rediscovery for us, as we had to search for content that was long since taken off of the internet, but that we found had still existed through other sources and digital archives.

The Oddities Articles have still been going strong all year long. We tapered down from several smaller articles a week to only one medium sized article on Fridays to reduce reader burnout. We chose Fridays so it will be a fun thing to look forward to at the end of the work week, and overall readership tends to be higher on Friday afternoons that just about any other time-frame. You might also have noticed that we began putting the articles here on our original home website instead of adding the text to photographs, in order to clean up our Facebook page. Now you can stay up to date with us as usual on Facebook, and deep dive into more content at your leisure through the website.

The Strange But True series has been tons of fun, which was heavily inspired by our love for Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. We have also investigated the stories of Haunted Ships that still roam the seas today, reviewed the FBI report with the newly released Big Foot findings, and we examined the histories of mystical hidden lands and true magical artifacts. One of our most popular series has been The True Stories, where we share the real and documented stories behind some of the creepiest urban legends.

One of the biggest steps for us was our newly launched YouTube channel, something that had been woefully missing. Now it serves as a single source repository for all our podcasts and videos which had previously been split between other media sites. Currently available are a few older videos from our Haunted Asheville series, and it is from here we will be releasing more podcasts and videos in the upcoming months. Viewership and subscriptions have been extremely low, but that is to be expected of a fledgling page like this. We hope to see more people visit and subscribe soon!

From all of us here at Oddities Observed, we wish you a jubilant and healthy 2020! We would love to hear your comments about your favorite entries, and we have so much more to come, so stay tuned!