Arrested Animals

Bear Convicted of Stealing Honey - In 2008, an outraged beekeeper started criminal proceedings against a bear that continually stole honey from his property in Macedonia. According to the beekeeper, the bear had returned to his land after a generator that produced light and thumping "turbo-folk" music to deter it ran out of power. After a year-long case of the bear vs. the beekeeper, the findings ended in the beekeeper’s favor, as the court in the city of Bitola found the bear guilty. However, as the bear had no owner and was a protected species, a judge ruled that it could not be detained and would face no punishment for the theft. The judge then ordered the state to pay the 140,000 denars ($3,500) damage it caused to the hives and to replace the missing honey.

Parrot Arrested After Allegedly Shouting Insults at Elderly Woman - In 2015, police in India briefly detained Hariyal the parrot after an 85-year-old woman claimed that it had verbally abused her. According to the criminal report, the owner of the bird had trained it over the course of two years to hurl insults at his stepmother whenever she approached their home. The family were allegedly living separately at that time because of a property dispute. Police apprehended the parrot and carried out a series of tests to see if the claims were true; however, they stated that the bird did not use any foul language toward her while they were present. The bird was later handed over to the forestry department so that they could determine what to do with it.

Police Accused Goat of Theft - Nigerian police detained a goat in Kwara after a mob chased down the animal, accusing it of being a car thief. The vigilante group claimed that the black and white goat was in fact an armed robber who had used witchcraft to in order to escape justice after trying to steal a Mazda 323. They claim two men attempted to steal the car, and upon being spotted by neighborhood watchmen, they attempted to flee. One of the men escaped, but the other, being cornered, turned his back to the pursuers and transformed into a goat. A police spokesman in Kwara State stated that the "armed robbery suspect" would remain in custody until investigations were over, meaning charges against the goat were possible. Another police spokesman confirmed the goat was merely being held in case its owner came to claim it.

German Squirrel Taken into Custody for Stalking - North-Rhine Westphalia police in Germany arrested what they described as an aggressive squirrel after receiving a complaint that it had been stalking a young woman. After being chased down the street, she was unable to shake the animal off, so she called the police for help and an officer was quick to come to her aid. After bringing the animal back to the police station, officers discovered that the aggression was likely due to the rodent being exhausted. They quickly fed it apple pieces and honey tea. Once the squirrel recovered its strength, police transferred it to an animal rescue center for safekeeping.