Arrested Animals II

Cat Detained for Breaking into Prison - A cat was captured and detained by police in Brazil after it was caught breaking into a prison in Arapiraca city. The white cat was apprehended crossing the main prison gate. The animal was found with contraband goods for prisoners strapped to its body with tape, carrying a number of prohibited items that officers believed were being smuggled into the facility, including a mobile phone and charger, earphones, and various drill bits. Officials said the items could be used to affect a means of escape or for communicating with criminals on the outside. An investigation into the incident did not reveal if any of the 263 inmates in the prison had orchestrated the smuggling operation as the cat was the only witness to the crime. After a brief detention, the police released the feline into an animal sanctuary.

Monkey Arrested After Assaulting a Passer-By - A New York Times article describes a case where an organ grinder named Cassio Dillio, who was working on the streets of the city around Bottle-Alley, was arrested along with his pet monkey, Jimmy. The incident happened after the animal attacked and bit a passing woman named Mary Shea. She had given Jimmy a piece of candy as a token of appreciation and then tried to take it away playfully, prompting the aggressive action. Jimmy bit Mary Shea’s finger. When the case went to trial, the judge ruled that he didn’t have the authority to imprison criminal monkeys and could not legally commit him. Mary Shea protested, but both Cassio and Jimmy were immediately discharged. Upon hearing the judgment, it was reported that Jimmy removed his velvet hat, climbed atop the judge’s desk and attempted to shake his hand.

Pigeon Apprehended for Espionage - Indian authorities arrested a pigeon in 2015 after suspicions were raised that it may have been a Pakistani spy. The bird was discovered by a 14-year-old boy in the village of Manwal, around two miles from the border, and brought it to the nearest police station. The bird had a message written in Urdu and a phone number stamped on its body that the police traced to Pakistan. Officers X-rayed the bird to see if it contained anything in its body. According to a senior local official, although they confirmed nothing unusual was found, police then detained it in a local police station to prevent it from being used in any other espionage. According to the written log in the area’s official police diary, regarding this incident, the pigeon was listed as a suspected spy.

Female Donkey Acquitted on Charges of Bestiality - A female donkey, called Jenny, was arrested alongside a Frenchman in 1750 on charges of bestiality. Jacques Ferron had been caught having intercourse with the animal and French law at the time stated that, if found guilty, both the human and the animal would be sentenced to death by hanging. Locals were outraged that the innocent donkey would also die and sent a petition to the court. These witnesses claimed to have known the donkey for four years and they testified to the animal’s virtue and good behavior, and that she had never been involved in a hint of scandal. The trial took place in the commune of Vanvres, where the judge eventually acquitted Jenny thanks to this testimony, ruling that she was a victim who had not been a willing participant to the act. However, her human co-accused was sentenced to death by burning at the stake.