Arrested Animals III

Monkey Hanged for Being a French Spy - A common story in England explains that the citizens of Hartlepool once captured a monkey that they believed to be a French spy, and then sentenced it to death. The incident reportedly happened during the Napoleonic wars, between 1800 and 1815, when a chasse marée type sailing vessel crashed on the shore of the town. With fears of a French invasion running high, the locals assumed that the monkey, which had been dressed in a naval uniform for the amusement of the crew, was actually a spy. On finding the monkey on the beach, it was decided to hold an impromptu trial. The monkey was unable to answer their questions as the people had mistaken its chattering for the language of the enemy. Then, because they had seen neither a monkey nor a Frenchman before, they concluded that the monkey must be a French spy. The unfortunate creature was sentenced to death and hanged from the mast of a nearby ship. As a result, the colloquial name for the resident people of Hartlepool is Monkey Hanger.

A Pig Was Tried and Hanged for Infanticide – In June of 1494, cowherd Jehan Lenfant was guarding his cattle and his wife was away in the village in Clermont, France. Their infant son was left at home alone in his cradle. According to witnesses, they saw a pig make its way into the house before attacking the infant. There, it was said the creature had strangled and defaced the young child, killing it in the cradle. The pig was arrested for the killing and was taken to prison, reportedly just like humans accused of murderous acts. After a court trial, it was pronounced by the Grand Mayor of the church and monastery of St. martin de Laon, that the swine be condemned to be hanged so that an “example be made and justice maintained.”

Elephant Went on a Killing Spree and Was Sentenced to Probation - In Kerala, India, Thechikkottukavu Ramachandran is an elephant in who is famous for its height and infamous for the number of deaths it has caused. He had reported killed 10 people since 1988, including 5 trainers and 3 other elephants. Then in 2013, there as another incident during a local religious Pooram festival, where an elephant Is used to push open the south entrance gate of the Vadakkunnathan Temple. Three women were killed in a violent attack, and a criminal case was invoked against the then 45-year-old animal. The elephant was arrested, detained, and kept under the supervision of the environmental department. The owner was responsible for paying 30 lakh rupees as punishment, and Ramachandran was barred from attending local activities for three months. In early 2019, there was another death and many injuries when festival fireworks alarmed the now almost 55-year-old elephant, who ran amok, killing a man and seriously injuring others. Despite its killing spree and ban, the elephant is still in high demand during the temple festival events and only receives temporary probations before being allowed to return to public functions.

A Lookout Parrot Becomes a Jailbird – In 2010, Colombian police officers were having a difficult time shutting down gangs behind the lucrative drug route to the U.S. They could not work out how they kept launching raids only to find the culprits had only just escaped. It was then that police found Lorenzo the parrot, and noticed that when drug cartel members are in danger of being caught by law enforcement, this parrot look-out had been trained to cry “Run, run, the cat is going to get you!" After many failed raids, the cops finally caught on to this scheme and arrested Lorenzo. They also discovered 200 weapons, a stolen motorbike, and a large stash of drugs at a safe house in Barranquilla including $165,000 worth of cocaine. Animal officials said police had handed over as many as 1,000 more parrots, many from the same coastal region, that had all been taught to act as lookouts. The parrot would remain behind bars, transferred from police custody to the hands of environmental authorities.