The Ghost Pirate's Wife

Amanda Large began to explore spirituality in 2010 in the wake of her three month-old son’s death. She was reevaluating her life, looking for answers, and hoping to find a link to the other side. One of the things that felt right to her at that time was Wicca, being attracted to the common belief that human beings have a spirit or soul that survives bodily death and that mediums are able to contact the spirits of the deceased.

Something else that spoke to her was what would become her greatest obsession. After watching Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl with her daughter, she felt incredibly connected to the character of Captain Jack Sparrow. She stated that she always loved the sea and collected antiques, but it was Jack's character and attitude that really fascinated her. Then to supplement her job as a publicist and entertainment manager in 2015, she started to impersonate Jack Sparrow by donning black dreadlocks, gold plated teeth, tattoos, a mustache, and a red bandanna. She was was a super-fan of the Pirates movies, serving as the only female impersonator of that character in Northern Ireland, spending thousands of pounds to turn herself and her home into something befitting of Jack Sparrow. She even added Sparrow to her name, later removing it.

Later that year, her obsession and her spirituality would combine in a strange encounter. She was meditating in her bed at her home in Drogheda, Ireland, when she claims she first met the ghost of a 300-year-old Haitian pirate. She was annoyed at his interruption and she asked him to leave. He returned once more, was sent away, and on his third visit she decided to speak to him. She communicated with the spirit for several months, becoming convinced she was speaking with a pirate named Jack Teague.

She said that Jack Teague had been executed for thieving on the high seas in the 1700’s. He was described as being tall and muscular, having long black hair and very dark skin, quoted to be of mixed ethnicity and having more African features than Caucasian features. A history professor at the University of Central Florida who studies pirates, researched the name and could find no reference to a real pirate named Jack Teague. In the 1700's, Haiti was a French colony called Saint-Domingue — and Teague is a generically Irish name. Jack Sparrow’s father in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, however, is named Edward Teague.

After keeping in contact with Jack Teague for six months, constantly feeling his presence, they then made plans to make their relationship official. She was horrified to discover she had romantic feelings for him at first, having never heard of that happening before, but she was open to the idea as she continued to explore spiritualism. She claims that they had a very normal relationship, dealing with jealousies, having healthy arguments, and even going away on weekend vacations together. She also said hers and Jack’s relationship was “intimate” as opposed to “physical.”

After two years of dating, she told him she wanted commitment and he agreed to marry her. On July 23rd of 2016, Mrs. Teague married her Haitian husband on a small boat in the Atlantic Ocean, out in international waters so they could legally marry. Mrs. Teague said her vows in a white lace gown and veil in a ceremony conducted by a self-described shaman. A register was present at the wedding and she said that Jack Teague gave consent through a medium that was independent of Mrs. Teague. She even changed her last name to Teague to honor their union.

After their wedding, however, things began to take a turn for the worse. Mrs. Teague claimed that only after two weeks of marriage, she started to get health problems, suffering first from a reoccurring perianal abscess. She knew what symptoms were alleged to accompany spiritual possession such as ill health, but she was assured that he was a benevolent spirit and would not intentionally harm her.

Mrs. Teague received further warning signs when her dog died. She asked the dog to go to Jack Teague to await the time of her passing so they could all be together, but the spirit of her dog Toby was too aggressive and would not go near the pirate. Instead, the dog was believed to have accompanied the spirit of Mrs. Teague’s mother, and Toby’s intuitions about Jack Teague gave her another red flag reason to be wary. Growing concerned, Mrs. Teague said she began to ask medium friends if they were sure he was 'a good spirit'.

The woman also claimed that her health would decline, and she was still getting abscesses after she and Jack would have any level of intimacy. Once she abstained from physical intimacy with the ghost, she said her abscesses started to improve and that she overall felt much better. A friend of Mrs. Teague also married her own spiritual partner, and so she decided to be intimate with the ghost again. The next day, her health took a major drop and the abscesses were back. In May of 2018, she had to be placed in the hospital and needed surgery after developing a near-fatal bout of sepsis, being hospitalized for a full week.

Mrs. Teague claimed that, for her surgery she needed to remove her wedding ring, and it was this act that severed and energy link between herself and the ghost. Following her procedure, she said she felt like a totally different person, seeing the red flags and seeing how she was being blocked spiritually from others. She felt as if her husband, the ghost of a pirate, had been stealing her energy.

Additional bad news from her doctor warned that Mrs. Teague may need a colostomy bag due to her poor health. Desperate, she reached out to her friends, one of which warned her greatly against the spiritual union. They said they thought what she was doing was incredibly dangerous, and that he warned her that Jack Teague was likely possessing her. Mrs. Teague then confronted her husband.

She said that he had never accepted his own death, so he wanted to continue living through her body and feeding off of her spiritual energy. She claimed that Jack Teague would not leave and that he threatened to kill her if she attempted to sever their spiritual union. This was a terrifying side of his personality she had never seen before, but she knew he would eventually kill her due to health problems if she did stay with him.

Facing her fears, she cut ties with Jack Teague and in December of 2018, she underwent a soul extraction. This process was very similar to an exorcism, performed by a self-described shaman where a spirit is either persuaded or forced to leave the victim and force them to cross over out of the earthly realm. Mrs. Teague said her health improved immediately afterwards. She had significant internal healing and did not continue suffering abscesses or bowel problems of any kind since then.