Ghost Girlfriend Moves In

Since October of 2019, news has been spreading about a man having an unconventional relationship with a woman beyond the grave. 35-year-old Gary DeNoiva from New Jersey claims that he has been having a great relationship with the spirit of a woman named Lisa, that began in early 2017. DeNovia was dining at a restaurant by himself when he spotted a ghost across the room. He alleges that he had interacted with spirits before and consequently was not startled when he saw her. She spoke to him and recommended that he try the risotto, asking if his date was running late. He admitted that he was single and not expecting anyone else, causing Lisa to giggle and disappear.

DeNovia took her suggestion and ordered the risotto, which was as delicious as she had stated. When leaving the restaurant, she was waiting for him at the exit. He agreed that her recommendation excellent and asked how she knew it would be so good. She responded that it was her grandmother’s recipe and the restaurant has been owned by her family for three generations. When he asked if he I could see her again, she said ‘you know where to find me’.

Over the next two years, they began dating. DeNovia admitted that this was not the first spirit that he has had a relationship with, but it was nothing as serious as his relationship with Lisa. When he would travel to see his parents over the holidays, Lisa would have to stay at home. He wasn’t ready to introduce her to the family but said Lisa would comply although it began to put a strain on their relationship.

DeNovia remains very careful about who he introduces to Lisa, saying most people are initially confused with his confession, or they think he is only joking. The only people who truly knew about Lisa were his closest friends. Most of them were happy for him, although they could not see her. A few friends would tease him, but only about her age as Lisa had died at age 19, with DeNovia being 35 years old. He keeps her hidden from coworkers, saying nothing of her for fear of being discriminated against for his unusual relationship. He also claims that Lisa is very understanding of this and does not mind his keeping their situation private.

In early 2019, the two moved in together. He shared that they maintain a fairly normal relationship, watching movies, their favorite being Ghost, and making her breakfast in bed. He also will leave notes hidden throughout their home for her to find while he is away at work. The notes may be romantic, naughty, inside jokes, or anything to make her smile. They have their own ritual for Valentine’s Day, staying at home, making popcorn and cream sundaes.

When asked, DeNovio explained in great detail how they were able to maintain the intimacy of their relationship. He said it was very different than being with a living woman, that it is colder due to a lack of body heat, but it is more intense because he must concentrate harder and that he can feel her body through vibrations. He claims they have a deep connection in this way, but that Lisa’s drive for intimacy is much higher than his own, sometimes to an overwhelming level. The two have considered inviting another spirit into their bed, a friend of Lisa’s named Sadie, but DeNovio remains cautious and stated that he will need a lot of wine to loosen himself up for the event.

But it is all a hoax.

Not necessarily a hoax, more like an inadvertent practical joke. Gary is not actually a man from New Jersey. He’s a British comedian who has been trolling media outlets with this story which started off with a click-bait YouTube video. Gary said about the media:

“If they watched more than two seconds, they’d know it was a sketch. Anyways, they wanted to interview me to see what my sexual relationship is like with a ghost. So naturally, I played along, waiting for them to find out I’m a comedian. They didn’t.”

When the ruse began to circulate, media outlets and tabloids began to copy and paste the story without checking any facts. A quick check to Gary’s Instagram page or his full YouTube channel should have alerted them to the satirical nature of his work. However, the story continues to unfold as more media sources begin to pick up his story and share it online without doing their due diligence.