Woman Dates 20 Ghosts

In 2005, Realm was living with her childhood love and fiancé, who was often away for work for a week or two at a time. On one evening, she began to feel a presence in her home, particularly in the spare bedroom. This presence was from an unknown source, but it felt strangely comforting to her. She could feel it come up behind her and feel its breath on the back of her neck. The presence would eventually follow her around the house, touching her arms and thighs.

Eventually Realm decided to take the relationship to the next level, putting on fancy lingerie and going to the spare bedroom to wait. Just as she had thought she had run the ghost off by being too forward, it returned and the two proceeded to have intimate relations. These nightly rendezvous carried on for weeks until one night when her fiancé came home a day early from a trip.

He saw the shape of a man through the spare bedroom window, which Realm later believed was the ghost trying to be seen in order to run the fiancé off because it was in love with her. The fiancee charged up the stairs, and although he found her alone, he still suspected her of cheating as she was wearing lingerie and he knew that she was hiding something. Realm admitted to infidelity but said that it had not been with another man, but with a ghost. The fiancé ended the relationship for what he had seen as cheating, so Realm continued her alternative relationship with the ghostly lover.

Over time, the ghost would visit her less frequently, until it stopped its visits completely. Since that time, many other spirits came to visit Realm. She claims to have always had the ability to communicate with spirits. They would make their presence known by moving items around her house or stroking her body. One of the ghosts would even draw little hearts in the condensation on the windows. She said that she could differentiate between the ghosts’ energies, just as people’s personalities are different, and she recollects to have had around 20 different spiritual partners over this period. Some of these spirits would spend weeks with her, others may only spend a single night.

Then, in February of 2018, Realm was on a business trip to Australia when she met someone new. She had not had a phantom lover for some time and starting a new relationship was the last thing on her mind. While walking through the bush and enjoying nature, she suddenly felt an incredible energy. She knew immediately that a new lover had arrived. Once it was time to return home to Bristol, she was heartbroken because she would have to leave this new presence behind as her experiences taught her that spirits tend to stay in one place. However, this particular ghost was able to follow her on to the plane back home. That the two were so excited about their relationship being able to continue that they decided to consummate their relationship for the first time in the airplane lavatory.

After 9 months together, the spirit suggested they take a weekend trip together to Wookey Hole caves in Somerset, England. Halfway through the tour of the caves, he asked Realm to hang back from the group. Once they were alone, she said this was the first time that she had ever actually heard him speak, not merely hearing his words in her head. She said it was a deep, sexy voice, and that he asked her to marry him. Realm said ‘yes’ and she stated the couple are now planning their wedding. She also said they are in the process of choosing a ring, but have not decided what kind it would be, although she was hoping he would decide it would have an amethyst stone in it. For the ceremony, they are planning a Pagan “handfasting” ceremony, somewhere in the English countryside.

Realm shared that her family and friends have always described her as having an alternative lifestyle, but that they are not bothered by her new engagement. She expects that many people will not believe her story but she says that she doesn’t mind it because she knows the two are soulmates. She says the fact that he is only a spirit doesn’t change the situation and despite previously having a real, human fiancé, Realm is much happier with a ghost.

Although Realm is not completely certain her lover is technically a male, as his spirit is more gentile and feminine than any of her previous lovers, she one day hopes to conceive a child with a spirit lover. In a August of 2018 interview, Realm revealed that she was also planning to have a baby. When she was asked whether the baby would be spiritual or physical, she said she was hoping for a physical child. She had been looking into phantom pregnancies and believed a person can have a phantom inside their body rather than a physical baby. She went on to claim that phantom pregnancies — where signs like nausea and swelling of the abdomen are present in someone who is not pregnant — are actually ghost babies trapped in living people. She believes that some women are able to conceive with a ghost, but are ultimately unable to carry them to full time as their bodies cannot cope with the paranormal. She feels there is a way around this obstacle, but has not yet figured it out.

Some researchers have claimed that people having similar relationships are suffering from sleep paralysis where the subconscious is taking over the consciousness, which may provide sexual feeling from a disembodied source. Other evidence points to hallucinations that sometimes occur in a dream-like state between being awake and falling asleep which can create bizarre tactile, visual, and auditory sensations. People who experience stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma are more susceptible to these types of hallucinations. However, Realm claims in a December 2017 interview that the phenomenon would happen all over her home when she was walking around, especially once the former fiancé had left, and at various times of the day when she was fully awake.