Response to COVID-19 Theories

Dozens conspiracy theories have arisen over the recent months, regarding the legitimacy of the severity COVID-19 disease and the virulent nature of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2. On the surface, they do ask questions of the modern era, holding to task the data and looking to promote legitimacy over agenda. Likewise, there have been many more theories that demonstrate an intentional bias, geared to create a political commentary that supporting a journalistic or scientific position.

Oddities Observed as an entity does delve down in to conspiracy theories, holding a story to the light to see what shines through. While not an investigative journalism source in full, all topics are provided opportunities to be analyzed with the completeness if the information at hand as well as the openness to ask questions like, “What if it were true?” However, the COVID-19 disease and all connected topics will not be covered in any shape or form through this forum. The current epidemic which has throttled the world and caused a national uproar here in the United States is lacking in three key features which would even make it a topic worth consideration.

The first reason is the nature of our website and the style of our investigations. COVID-10 does not have a supernatural or paranormal component. Not all Oddities Observed articles and videos are about ghosts and aliens; some are about strange occurrences that defy explanation. While it is true that we have covered stories that were strongly influenced by conspiracy theories, they always had at least one aspect that was still rooted in something otherworldly. As we research and review such a topic, we always ask ‘to what end would such a cover up yield an intended result’? As a general rule, we do not cover any topics that have a deep slant into any political territories, and many conspiracy theories go in that direction, keeping our research even more selective. The pandemic at large and the virus itself are all scientifically proven to be factual.

Secondly, as this situation is still ongoing and ever evolving, it is far from researchable in any quantitative or qualitative manner at this point in time. The outbreak and subsequent data are still too new and complex to be digested. Infection numbers change on a daily basis, as different agencies analyze their findings and do not have any uniform means with which to update the spread accurately. As a result, there are sure to be variances in numbers, as well as strange shifts in operations at local and federal levels. The great accumulation of existing coronavirus datasets and scholarly articles is being combed through and reviewed. Every day, research continues in order to fully understand this virus and to hopefully find a cure. Once a vaccine is created, tested, and implemented, and once society’s immunology catches up to the level it held previously, only then will be able to tally up the numbers and add meaning to them.

Lastly, COVID-19 is a serious issue and we would never want to treat anyone’s personal plights with insensitivity. Too many people’s lives have been affected either directly or indirectly by the virus itself, not to mention the closures, quarantines, or the devastation in the medical field and to our emergency workers. To attempt to make a narrative by exposing faults in information is tactless and heartless. If you personally want to research these conspiracy theories, please do so with a thought to what damage can be done with ungrounded accusations and unreliable sources.

We hope everyone who has been following and liking our Oddities Observed posts are doing well and keeping healthy in this current time. With unprecedented times comes unprecedented situations. While the Oddities Observed articles and videos and paused for a short duration, we are keeping up with the events of the day and planning future content to debut soon.

Until then, please be safe, wash your hands, and wear a mask.