If you've ever been a GM, you've been there: you need an adventure to run, tonight.  Maybe your group has managed to force their way so far off the path you laid out, no amount of railroading will get them back on track this session.  Or perhaps you got stuck at work longer than expected, and things just aren't ready to run that epic dungeon you've been working on for weeks.  Or, hey, maybe you just want a quick dungeon crawl to test out some new character builds, or introduce some new players to the hobby.

Whatever the reason, we've got you covered with VentureCards! These handy little cards put mini modules right at your fingertips, ready to run and designed to fit into your d20-based game easily and with minimal extra work on your part. Each VentureCard is designed to be totally self-contained, so you can pick and choose which one you'd like to run, in any order you choose.  However, each adventure also features an integrated plot point or hook that you can use to connect them together or tie them into your own game.  Every adventure is also guaranteed to have at least one piece of unique and original loot for your players to argue over!

But wait, there's more! Built into each VentureCard is a special table, featuring anything from new loot items to spells and traps to new enemies and more! These tables are designed to augment the specific adventure, but are also useful additions to your GM's bag.  Need to roll for a random item or effect? Reach for your VentureCards!

The following VentureCards are available in digital form, for free:

Midnight at Fort Braddock

Lair of the Spider King

Check back for more VentureCards coming soon from The FoundryCast!

All VentureCards are provided using OGL